Let's Ride Mountain Bikes!

Evergreen Bike Club is gearing up for the 2024 mountain bike season! We start with our first annual Gear Swap on April 13th (if you haven't signed up to sell stuff, you totally still can! Just click on the banner at the top of the page). May brings our most popular events - the Junior Mountain Bike Rides. There are currently 7 rides scheduled for May alone. Our Strava club is also in the works... But none of this happens without members!

Our registration process awaits on the Stack TeamApp. Click here to learn more. After joining and filling out waiver forms, the ride schedule will be accessible to sign junior rider(s) up. There are four major groups of riders: striders, green, blue, and black. While kids shouldn't get caught up on what color group they shred in, we do want to ensure they are with a group that provides positive motivation. Not too easy but not too hard. 

The Strider group is exactly what it sounds like and for kids who are riding on balance bikes. 

The green group is most likely for riders who need a snack break or two (or three). Goals for these kids include building up stamina and practicing foundational bike skills. 

Blue riders might be eyeing Evergreen Mountain with interest. Last year several blue groups worked up to completing this ride by the end of the season! Greens and blues will be divided into easier groups and more challenging groups. 

Black riders are ready for more technical terrain, longer climbs, and a faster pace. 

Need more description for the groups? Check out the Stack TeamApp Welcome section.

Interested in riding with the kids? Be a part of our drivetrain and volunteer! The number of kids that get out on the trail is limited by the amount of ride guides that volunteer. Our ride guides usually go out in pairs with about 6 kids. Volunteers get a list of perks including a free t-shirt and registration priority for their kid(s). Volunteers will also receive 1-2 training sessions in April to feel confident as ride guides. 

Evergreen Bike Club started in 2023 with the first rides having only a handful of kids. Our phenomenal growth is thanks to our community's passion for riding mountain bikes, kids, and our dedicated volunteers. We are looking forward to another successful year!

Check out the link to Sign up via Team App